2018 -2019


This body of work explores the urgency of materializing an instant through time.


Jackson County Green Energy Park, Sylva, NC USA with the assistance of Robert Burch and Leckie Gassman. Video documentation by Jason Robert Bauer

Progression 01.jpg

Progression (from Formations)
F01_001, F01_002, F01_003, F01_004, F01_005 (individual images below)
Glass, dimensions variable between 3”x3”x0.5” to 4”x4”x3”, 2018



ArtReach, Chicago IL | January 2019

ArtReach, Chicago, IL USA with the assistance of Alex Krueger and Jason Robert Bauer. Video documentation by Risa Recio. Special thanks to Risa Recio, Tyler, Travelli, Joey, Rosey Merkin, Emilia, Pearl Dick, ArtReach and Project Fire.

Photo by Rosey Merkin

Photo by Rosey Merkin